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I have been blessed to work in the film business now for 35 years. Having worked on some of the most award winning television shows and films this country has ever produced. I am truly a very lucky man.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well after a month in Colorado Springs and Salida, Colorado on Fast and the Furious 7 we finally have a bright sunny Sunday afternoon. What am I doing today? Absolutely nothing but relaxing and watching the Monster Mile at Dover on NASCAR.

I wish I could show you some of the incredible pictures that I have been taking but the production company is anal about anyone posting pictures. It's kind of funny because there are people all up and down every mountain we are on taking pictures and posting our stunts on FaceBook and YouTube.

I will be leaving Oct 3 for  huge stunt job for my dear friend Steve Ritzi in New Orleans, LA. This will be my 2nd time back in NOLA  since "Jeff Who Lived At Home" and " 12 Rounds my all time favorite job. As soon as Fast & the Furious 7 hits the big screen I will post some amazing behind the scenes pictures.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I have been involved with and have donated to Project Child Save for several years now. Your help, my help have enabled Ty Ritter to rescue and save literally over 50 young children and teen girls from kidnapping and sexual slavery that is rampant in our world today. If you were ever able to sit on the movie set with Ty Ritter for hours as I have done and heard his rescue stories it would bring tears to your eyes. I can promise you that. To look at the love and dedication on the face of Ty Ritter along with the machete scar across his cheek bone will make you want to get involved with this project as I have.

All of you that know me know I have been in the film business for 35 years. God has blessed me far beyond the dreams that I could have ever hoped for. God has enabled me to give to others and change lives because of this terrific film business we are in. In the very near future I am going to produce and direct the Ty Ritter story on screen. I will be bringing together a team of film professionals like none this business has ever known. The opening rescue scene will bring chills down your back and raise the hair on your neck. You will see true to life rescue of these children stuffed in bullet proof containers scared to death running for the safety of the extraction team.

Ty Ritter's team are dedicated men of the Rangers, Seal Teams, Stunt men, weapons experts, helicopter pilots and the best of the best. Even the semi automatic weapons are specially made to Ty's specifications. Have you ever seen a bullet proof vest made just for children? Well you will.
You will see the scum bags who use and abuse children's "right to breath permits" revoked as the Ritter team invades these sex compounds at 4 am in the morning. You will see thousands of dollars of weapons dumped into the sea as the team returns to the US. You can only imagine the problems they would have bringing back small children and illegal automatic weapons. This is the story that has never been told or seen on the big screen before.

Just take a moment and scan his website http://www.projectchildsave.org/  you too will want to get involved on film, behind camera or financially. Last year I talked a friend from WWE wrestling to donate around $20k in motorola radios to Project Child Save. You can only imagine how invaluable these radios were to the team for communications in their last extraction in Panama. Just knowing I had a small part in actually saving someone's life is a reward beyond compare. On the return home the $3,000 charger for these radios got dumped into the ocean along with automatic weapons by mistake. Only one of the challenges that face the "Childsave Team".

As a director/stunt coordinator all of these years my little "Black Book" is made up of names and numbers of who not to hire. If I can't go to work and laugh and have fun I do not want to be there at all. I want to work with and treat my fellow workers with respect and honor. I truly believe this film can be shot and produced on a very low budget with people like you who see the same vision that Ty Ritter and I do. When you look at Ty you see Michael Chiklis or Vin Diesel playing the part of Ty. Maybe by some hook or crook one of these actors will want to star in this project with us. Of course that will depend on our budget. Ty is the fellow on the far right of the picture below.

This project is my dream of a lifetime and may very well be my last swan song. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions etc. will certainly be welcomed. Wish me luck. Have a wonderful holiday with you and yours this season. God bless.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


To all of my friends have a wonderful and safe Halloween today and tonight. Say a little prayer for all of the folks who have lost everything on the east coast. This is a time when American's show just how strong we really are at helping one another. God bless.
Be sure and exercise your right to vote November 6th, Tuesday

One more thing friends. I am going to start blogging here about products that work and also DO NOT WORK.. I was hooked on buying the WIPE NEW product on the left. What a RIP OFF. The package arrived and the bottle was only 3 fluid ounces. for $19.99 no where in the ad do they give you the amount or size. They said it would be $7.99 for S&H and the charge $15.98. I do not recommend this product at all.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dexter and www.PivotHead.com

     Well another season of Dexter has come to a close which was season #7. I can't brag enough about this season. You will be on the edge of your seats so get ready. During one of the fight scenes I actually sat at the bar and wore my new www.pivothead.com 1080 HD digital glasses which you see pictured below. These glasses are incredible and so easy and comfortable to use. They are virtually undetectable at events where filming is not allowed. I am not recommending you break the law by any means but I have slipped these on many, many times and people looking directly at me did not have a clue that they were non other than a regular pair of sun glasses. If you are interested in owning a pair e-mail me at Wally@stuntplayers.com and I will give you a personal discount code you can use when filling out the order form.

     Well on November 6th or nation is going to  the polls to vote for the most important vote America can ever cast. Your vote for the president of our United States. YOU MUST VOTE.. I am begging you to vote for the candidate that will help keep America honorable and strong. Thousands of men and women have fought and died for our flag. Vote for the man that honors that flag and what she stands for. Vote for the man who has a proven track record of success and don't fall for good speeches and hype.. I will say no more. If you feel American is better off than we were 4 years ago then you know who to vote for. God bless...

Oh, by the way I purchase all of my firearms from my instructor https://www.facebook.com/TaranTactical. Taran is an amazing instructor and weapons builder. Taran is the  ultimate weapons & accessories supply zone for the tactical and competition shooter. He is a fully licensed firearms dealer based in Southern California.